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Winter aeration Posted byBilly, 11/12/2017

Many pond and lake owners first introduction to aeration will be during the summer months when their demand for an installation or purchase will be for reasons such as; • depleted/low oxygen levels • dying or distressed... read more

Winter pond maintenance Posted byBilly, 08/11/2017

So we've reached the first week of November in 2017, the clocks have been back a week and we have already had the first few frosts of this winter. Now would be a good time to have some winter maintenance carried out on your pond before the... read more

Otterbine product training seminar Posted byBilly, 28/02/2017

So today was spent on the Otterbine product training seminar which is the second supplier training day we have been on this year. Various subjects like water quality and sizing lake aeration were talked about in great depth to understand... read more