Winter aeration

Winter aeration

Many pond and lake owners first introduction to aeration will be during the summer months when their demand for an installation or purchase will be for reasons such as;

• depleted/low oxygen levels

• dying or distressed fish

• poor water quality

• excessive algae growth

Then when the winter comes along they switch it off, winterise it and don’t think about it until the following spring. Well running your aeration during the winter months is just as beneficial to your pond, lake or fishery for more than one reason.

1. By running your system during the winter months you are introducing vital oxygen to the water which is always a benefit as everything in your pond, lake or fishery requires oxygen, its demand doesn’t stop because it gets cold.

2. When a pond, lake or fishery freezes over it stops the water from its main source of re oxygenation which comes from when the surface water is moved by wind and then the two come into contact with each other.

3. If the surface freezes and snow falls to cover your pond, lake or fishery this will prevent any aquatic vegetation that requires sunlight for the photosynthesis process which in turn lets the aquatic vegetation create oxygen as part of this process.

4. If the surface of the pond, lake or fishery is frozen this stops the waters ability to release toxic gasses and if these gases are allowed to build up under any ice then the gases can poison the fish and cause fish deaths.

5. Helping to prevent your pond, lake or fishery from freezing you are also preventing members of the public, anglers, wildlife and especially children from being tempted to venture onto the frozen surface which can end in tragedy.

6. Another benefit of the pond/lakes water being moved around by the aeration process is that it helps to break down the layers of water known as Thermal Stratification and by doing this you will be making the water temperature equal in all areas of the water body. This in turn means that should your lake be a fishery the fish will not be huddled together in one spot where the water is warmer they will be moving around which means they have to feed which means increased catch rates for the colder months.

Aeration can be added to your pond, lake or fishery via either diffused aeration and/or surface aeration at any time of the year.

Increased oxygen levels mean increased fish activity, increased fish activity means increased catch rates, increased catch rates mean happy anglers and that’s what fishing is about.

If you’d like to talk to someone about adding an aeration system to your pond, lake or fishery why not give H2O Plants a call today.

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