Winter pond maintenance

Winter pond maintenance

So we've reached the first week of November in 2017, the clocks have been back a week and we have already had the first few frosts of this winter.

Now would be a good time to have some winter maintenance carried out on your pond before the winter really sets in.

As the temperature drops you'll notice that the aquatic vegetation starts dying off in and around your pond, so now would be the ideal time to start cutting back your old decaying water lily leaves, iris, reeds and some of your oxygenating weed.

Don’t leave your aquatic plants and the leaves in your pond to decompose as this process will be increasing the nutrients in the pond, it will be taking away oxygen from the pond which is vital to keeping your water quality as it should be as well as possibly blocking your pond pump, possibly damaging it and overloading your filter with extra debris.

Another one of the most overlooked things by many pond owners during the winter months is the benefits of keeping your aeration going through the colder temperatures. Most pond owners think that their air pump should only be run during the summer months to help add oxygen to the water while the temperature is warmer. In the summer when the water is warmer the dissolved oxygen levels are lower and warm water doesn’t hold oxygen like colder water does however, with your air pump running through the colder temperatures this will help to prevent your pond surface from freezing over and also it will help to regulate your water temperature by constantly mixing the water through the aeration process.

If your pond freezes over then the waters ability to expel gasses becomes non-existent so using an aerator to keep it unfrozen is a cheaper alternative to using a water heater!

Why not give us a call on 08001357343 to book in some winter maintenance that will include removal and disposal of excess aquatic vegetation in and around your pond, the removal and cleaning of your pond pump and the cleaning of your filter system or let us install an aeration pump that will help to prevent your pond from freezing during the colder temperatures.

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