Our FAQs

1. What services do you provide?

We have a wide range of different services which are listed here: http://www.h2oplants.co.uk/services/ 

2. What times are you open?

Monday 07:00-22:00

Tuesday  07:00-22:00

Wednesday  07:00-22:00

Thursday  07:00-22:00

Friday  07:00-22:00

Saturday  08:00-20:00

Sunday   08:00-20:00

3. Do you have any insurance cover?
Yes we have public liability insurance cover for £5,000,000.00 and employers liability insurance for £10,000,000.00
5. Do you use other pond companies to carry out your work?
No never however, over the years we have been used by lots of other companies on more than one occasion who claim to be "experts" in all things aquatic.
6. Do you only cover the 4 regions listed?

No, the 4 regions lsited are our main work areas however, we do work further afield like the surrounding counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.

We have transpotred fish from St Albans to Newquay, Southampton to Durham and even drove to Cheshire to cary out a blanket weed treatment as the customer liked our testimonials!

7. Are you tied to any shops or suppliers?

No, although we are Oase approved installers, Otterbine trained service engineers and Firestone trained in the use of their EPDM products.

We recommend equipement that is suitable for the job in hand and that we know won't fall apart after we've walked away from the work.

There are lots of shops out there recommending items just because its what they make the most profit from rather the earning less and selling superior products.

We buy items from suppliers that we have used for over 20 years, so should there ever be a breakdown the items are either repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

We don't want to be known for supplying cheap rubbish!

8. Do you deal with Aquariums?

No we only deal with ponds, waterfeatures, fountains, lakes and all things outdoors that are aquatic related however, we do recommend the following two companies;




9. Do you have a CRB certificate?
Yes we have an enhanced CRB certificate that is available upon request.
10. Can we contact any previous customers?

Yes we can give you a list of previous and current clients who you can contact to have a chat about us.

Please feel free to ask.

11. Why hasn't the barley straw i've put into my pond killed the blanket weed yet?

To date the only documented research as to whether barley straw works has been done by Dr. Jonathan Newman, Aquatic Weed Research Unit, U.K. and the University of Florida.

The study from England is written in scientific language, but several times in the report it returns to the conclusion that, “Activity is only produced if the straw is rotting under well oxygenated conditions.”

When barley straw decomposes it releases small amounts of are oxidized polyphenolics and hydrogen peroxide which are said to prevent the growth of algae. 

If and when it works it is as a preventative cure rather than reactive to an already established issue.

The University of Florida study produced inconclusive results that barley straw had any impact on algae.

By adding straw to the water, we add more nutrient and vegetative matter that will convert to biomass, creating more oxygen demand. While there may be short term benefits in the long run the addition of more nutrient makes the lake more difficult to manage and creates additional biological imbalance.

Please see our Lake Maintenance and Management page to understand the issue better.