Broxbourne, Hertfordshire water feature clean

Broxbourne, Hertfordshire water feature clean

Tony from Broxbourne called us after having a water feature installed by a garden designer in his garden however the water was never clear or clean.

After our first vist it was apparent the designer had not installed any type of filtration at all and was just relying on the odd chlorine block here and there to prevent algae growth & green water.

Whilst the water feature was empty we also notice that the three foaming jet nozzels hadnt been glued together and were held together by the limescale build up on the pipework.

We have since installed an Oase filter clear set 30,000 capable of keeping 30,000L of water clean and clear that includes a 55w UVC unit.

Our cHertfordshire pond cleaning service can be contacted here: 01992666344 or feel free to have a look at our pond cleaning page to find out more.