Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning

Pond cleaning is a vital maintenance to any size of pond.

From the smallest garden pond, to custom built koi ponds and onto large ornamental water features they will all benefit from being cleaned out at least once a year.

This service is carried out by

  • draining the pond/water feature fully
  • placing all fish/wildlife into an aerated holding tank
  • cleaning the pond liner using a power washer
  • removing all debris/sludge from the pond by vacuuming out 
  • removing excess vegetation if required
  • cleaning the pond filter
  • cleaning the pond pump
  • changing the uv bulb
  • cleaning the quartz sleeve
  • carrying out any repairs if needed
  • re filling the pond with de-chlorinated water 
  • Re starting the system is back up
  • Re installing the fishWildlife

We provide this service at any time of the year!