Pond, Lake and Fishery Maintenance & Management

Pond, Lake and Fishery Maintenance & Management

Why choose us when it comes to the maintenance or management of your pond, lake or fishery?

Well for a start we have over 30 years expierence in this field of works, we have owned our own succesful day ticket fishery (The Crown Netherhall, Nazeing, Essex) and we have worked for private and commercial pond, lake and fishery owners all over the U.K. since the 1980's

The type of services we have provided include:

Pond, Lake and Fishery maintenance and management is a science.

A better understanding of the aquatic ecosystem and the causes & effects of the interrelated factors are critical to successfully manage any pond, lake or fishery.

Every body of water is a unique ecosystem that requires the proper analysis and understanding. NO two are the same and as such no one maintenance or management program will provide the same results on two different locations.

The delicate balance between environmental factors like temperature, nutrients, and oxygen play an important role in creating the maintenance and management program for any pond, lake or fishery.

Previous clients have included;