Water quality & Fish health testing

Water quality & Fish health testing

If your pond has poor water quality this can quickly cause problems for your fish’s health.

The poorer the quality of your water is the more likely it is your fish will start to suffer and become open to attacks form waterborne bacteria, fungus, parasites and virus's.

There can be many reasons why your water quality is not good enough;

• Under or lack of filtration

• Non-maintained filters

• Too many fish

• Too much organic waste

• Excessive feeding

• New fish introduction’s

• Changes in environmental factors

• Lack of aeration

Making the water quality better could be as simple as changing the food you feed your fish, adding some aeration or mean upgrading your filtration system altogether.

Why not give us a call so we can come and visit your pond, take a water sample or examine your fish then come up a solution or treatment plan to get your pond/fish back in shape.