Koi pond filtration upgrade Woodford, Essex

Koi pond filtration upgrade Woodford, Essex

We installed Bruces original system back in 2011 which consisted of 2 x Ultrabead ub140 filters, 2 x Cloverleaf 288w UVC units and 2 x swimming pool type pumps to run the system which was keeping a 17,000 gallon koi pond clean and clear.

After five years of running one of the UVC units had got damaged beyond repair and we were tasked with replacing this and asked what could we do to improve/upgrade the system.

We came back with our thoughts and Bruce said lets do it!

We remove the old UVC units & pumps, cut out a lot of the old pipework and then installed 2 x Blue Eco 900 pumps and 1 x Triogen T2-4 UVC unit.

The Blue ECO Titanium pumps are the most ECO friendly electric pumps produced. They utilise brushless DC electric motor technology, and have an efficiency rating of 94.6% - this compares with normal electric motors with have an efficiency of 45 - 50%.

The power and therefore energy consumption is fully adjustable from 10 - 100% of full power, so when reducing the R.P.M the energy consumption reduces accordingly. The pumps produce very little heat as 94% of the energy used goes to turn the impellor, which makes them ideal for dry applications.

The Triogen TR2 Uv range is ideal for the treatment of koi ponds and significantly enhances water quality on a very cost effective basis. The Triogen TR2 Uv range has four high output, low pressure UV lamps can be incorporated within the same unit, providing a maximum flow capacity of 40m3/h with a powerful UV dose of 30mJ/cm2 at the end of the lamp life.

The Triogen TR2 Uv range is highly effective against “green water” and inactivates single cell algae, allowing the aggregated debris to be removed by mechanical filtration. Additionally, the high 30mJ/cm2 dose provides an invaluable barrier against fish diseases by reducing the level of harmful bacteria, viruses and protozoa in the water, including Vibrio, Aeromonas hydrophilia and Koi herpes virus, by an minimum of 99.9%.

The Triogen TR2 UV treatment operates in an entirely beneficial fashion to the fish pond environment, passing no harmful by products into the water and allowing established mechanical and biological filtration systems to operate in their normal way.

Our Essex pond maintenance service can be contacted here: 01279216538 or feel free to have a look at our Filtration page to find out more.