Pond clean and resealing in Royston, Hertfordshire

Pond clean and resealing in Royston, Hertfordshire

This contemporary garden pond in Royston, Hertfordshire owner had noticed it was leaking and got in touch with us.

The pond had been constructed and sealed using slate tilies however, the internal tiles had hairline cracks along the joints and this is where the water was being lost.

We talked over various options with the home owner and came to the decision that a liquid rubber paint would be the best choice.

The following works were carried out;

  • Aerated holding tank set up
  • Pond drained down
  • All fish transffered to aerated holding tank
  • Pond jetwashed to clean all walls and floor
  • All water vacuumed out of pond and then pond was covered to dry out
  • Walls and floor sealed with a primer to prevent any water ingress
  • One layer of grey paint which is left to dry followed by one layer of black and this is repeated to get 4 layers
  • Once they had all dried then the pond was re filled
  • The system was re started 
  • Once the waters parameters were ok the fish were returned

The reason we use liquid rubber over other "pond paints" is that after the 4 coats the lining is as thick as a traditional pond liner at over 1mm thickness, can be used on most porous/non porous surfaces, has the same flexiblity as a pond liner and doesn't require to be re painted every few years like other paints do.

Our Royston, Hertfordshire pond clean and resealing service can be contacted here: 01992666344  or feel free to have a look at our pond lining page to find out more.