Pond clean in Putney, London

Pond clean in Putney, London

A small pond clean carried out in Putney London on behalf of a letting agent where we carried out the following works after their tennant had moved out;

Set up and aerated holding tank

  • Drained the pond down
  • Put all fish and wildlife into the holding tank
  • Removed all sludge and debris to the surrounding flower beds
  • Cleaned the ponds pump and filtration
  • Jetwashed the liner clean
  • Removed any debris
  • Re filled the pond Put all fish and wildlife back into the pond


Pond cleaning is a vital maintenance to any size of pond. From the smallest garden pond, to custom built koi ponds and onto large ornamental water features they will all benefit from being cleaned out at least once a year.

Our pond cleaning service can be provide at any time of the year.

Our London pond cleaning service Office can be contacted here: 02079932886 or feel free to email us on enquiry@h2oplants.co.uk to book us in if youd like your pond cleaned.